Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Problems

Perhaps I write to discover the shock of clear words that best express the daily wonders, sentence by sentence, in mosaic glimpses of improvisation – playing life as it has never been played before.

Maybe each poem is a vehicle for better understanding what happens, a rearrangement of known elements of events unfolding around me, spawning a voice I don’t yet know, becoming a messenger onto myself.


  1. L...and over here on Green Valley, lately, a passenger. Listening, though. For that messenger. Aspiring. Well, ok, hybernating.

    will turn on heater in cabin at 2. Should be warm enough by 6:30...? Will defer to you.

  2. Perhaps.........you are just great :)

  3. Nice, I really like this...
    "mosaic glimpses.."
    "spawning a voice I don't yet know..."
    "becoming a messenger unto myself..."
    Yeah, I Really like this post.

  4. Thank you all for your encouraging comments!