Friday, June 25, 2010

From The Mouth

Perhaps, while driving home on the freeway, the dentist happily meditates on the day she will perform a mass excavation of millions of toxic amalgam silver fillings and save humankind from a fate worse than watering the lawn - all the while envisioning a kinder, gentler world in which the painstaking construction of composite tooth-colored porcelain onlay, (which allows her to preserve more of the original tooth structure, by the way) will restore countless teeth that have been neglected over the years, worn by grinding, or broken with age, to an elevated level of wellness and health.

Or maybe the shot of novacaine not only numbed the left side of my mouth, but invaded my mind as well, sending wildly obsessive thoughts spiraling to the surface to play out in an infinite array of “what if” scenarios before freezing them…mid image…to be culled in a cascade of liquid ozone.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Everything Matters (guest blogger Meister Eckhart - Teacher and Preacher)

Perhaps everything which is distinguished by indistinction is the more distinct the more indistinct it is, because it is distinguished by its own indistinction.

Or maybe something is more indistinct the more distinct it is because it is distinguished by its own distinction from what is indistinct, leading therefore to nothing being as indistinct from anything as from that from which it is indistinguished by its own distinction.